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ABOUT . . . Fly & Discover Holidays . . .


PROPRIETOR - Andy Stewart, of Adelaide, South Australia.

ORIGINS - go back to 1959 - that's when Andy began his travel career with Thomas Cooks HQ in Berkeley Square, London, during the golden-age of jet travel (remember Comets, VC10's and 707's?) . . . then . . .

. . . in 1966 - Andy vacated his city desk to fulfil a childhood dream to drive overland to Australia. He had a van . . . but not much else . . . so he advertised for companions.

. . . five young men set off . . . 100 each . . . and much innocence!

. . . in 1968 - he established "the world's longest bus route" in a retired Sydney double-decker bus named " Albert" which plyed the route between Australia and Britain. These extraordinary journeys along the Asian Highway through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Europe provided a myriad of adventures and an invaluable experience getting to know peoples and places, both East and West.

. . . in October 1982 - back in Australia, Andy established new travel businesses, including . . .

BAROSSA TRAVEL - a well respected country travel agency he and his wife owned and operated for 19 years.

GOLDEN EUROPE Holidays - specialising in escorted tours to Britain and Europe blending popular coach travel with tailor made interludes including scenic Scottish rail excursions, boating on England's canals, balmy days in Cotswold villages, Greek Island cruises and the like. These unique holidays were hugely enjoyed by all!

FLY & DISCOVER Holidays - established in January 1998 to serve a growing special interest market seeking uniquely focused tours to Southern Africa, the U.S.A., New Zealand, Japan and Europe, as well as inbound tours from overseas to Australia. Viticulturists, school groups and historic vehicle enthusiasts were just some of our many clients.

. . . in October 2006 . . . Andy voluntarily surrendered his Australian Travel Agents licence to dedicate his interests and expereience to the design, management and implementation of special interest tour groups - worldwide.

SPECIAL INTEREST? . . . meaning . . . your group tour is constructed exactly as you wish it. Consultation is one-to-one with you with every detail of your tour thoroughly researched and blended into one seemless itinerary.

The SAVINGS to your Group . . . are endless, with your tour manager having accurate control of all aspects your itinerary; tour components being made direct with selected suppliers; full attention given to every detail ensuring the right services are in the right places at the right time. Sounds obvious, yes, but often eluded!

When the BIG DAY comes . . . your group departs confident that all arrangements are secure for a satisfying outcome.

The Fly & Discover Promise . . . is to deal honestly, efficiently and couteously with you at all times to bring about the tour where your expectations meet with your satisfaction.

So, dear ORGANISER . . . it is over to you! Feel free, please, to enquire, without obligation.

Travel is a Privilege for us all to Share . . . and if I can assist you and your followers to discover more of this amazing world I, too, will be enriched.

Thank you.

Andy Stewart

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