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Glenfarg Express will restore direct line Edinburgh to Perth


Transform Scotland!

The North British Railway line connecting Scotland's three great capitals Edinburgh, Dunfermline and Perth via Glenfarg was opened in 1890.

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It was closed in 1969 to make way for construction of the M90 motorway and not as a result of Dr Beeching's axe as the public was allowed to believe.

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In his 1967 report "Reshaping of Britain's Railways" Dr Beeching listed the route already constructed to main-line standards for strategic development.

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So what happened to strategic development?

Lord Tayside and his consultative committee forced closure to allow the
M9 motorway to bring prosperity to north-east Scotland (Dundee, Aberdeen)

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At the same time the express line via Forfar direct to Aberdeen
was closed further eroding Perth's natural Highlands hub status

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The Glenfarg line should never have been closed; see Perth's grand station today, built to serve the former capital, the North-East and the Highlands.

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100 years ago - Journey time Edinburgh to Perth - 30 minutes
Today - Journey time via Ladybank
or Stirling - 1 hour 27 minutes!

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With much of the original track bed still accessible restoration costs should be a fraction of the new Forth Road Bridge, with longer term benefits too

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It is now time to restore this vital trunk railway line to enable
the full development of Perth,
the Highlands and the North East.

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Government needs to forget the Referenda blame-game and serve the true interests of the nation. Restore the Glenfarg railway line.

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Nothing is difficult if the will to make it happen exists.
For Highlands prosperity the Glenfarg Express must return!

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This Paper (in white) was written for Transform Scotland in July 2014.
YOU . . . can help to revive the project by completing the form below.


What the mind can percieve and believe, the mind can achieve
Please add your name to this cause

an independently inspired
petition for the development
of Scotland's Highland heart.

Would you use the line when restored?*:

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