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The long view to see your horizon

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Good planning . . . is the secret to making your group tour successful.

Get the timing right, the season, the climate, journey times, culture, holidays and events; learn about the the place you are visiting, the landscape, your hosts, their events and beliefs; be sure to have a few words of local language with which to greet those you meet; most of all hold forth your hand and be ready to exchange smiles.

The world truly is a friendly place a million miles away from most media headlines.

I liken it to standing on a hilltop and focusing your eyes on the furthest point, a beckoning horizon - your destination.

Then, relaxing your gaze and absorbing all in between choose the places of interest you are going to visit en route to that distant horizon. Your itinerary evolves.

Travel is always an adventure, a journey of discovery similar to an orchestral concert where your itinerary is the musical score-sheet to give your ears and eyes perfect harmony . . and all the notes have to be in the right place!

Life's rich scenic tapestries, engagement with differing cultures; the inexhaustable warmth and generosity of humanity; all this and more is yours when you take leave to go out and explore our world.

The freedom to travel for those who are able remains one of Life's greatest privileges.

I hope you will find it!


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